U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science

Program for Ecosystem Research

Solicitations for Research Proposals

The program is not presently soliciting proposals.

Future solicitations

Future grant solicitation notices will be posted on the DOE Office of Science Grants and Contracts Web Site and at grants.gov. Information about preparing and submitting applications, as well as the DOE Office of Science merit review process, is at the DOE Office of Science Grants and Contracts Web Site.

Closed solicitations

The first program solicitation of research proposals was published in the September 1, 1992, Federal Register (Vol. 57, No. 170, Pages 39677-39678; Office of Energy Research, Notice 92-22). The due date for applications, from both universities and DOE National Laboratories, was January 4, 1993.

Subsequent grant solicitation notices and Lab Notices are archived at the DOE Office of Science Grants and Contracts Web Site under "Closed Grant Notices" (97-02 [joint with NSF, NASA, USDA, EPA], 01-26, 04-14, and 07-11) and under "Closed DOE Laboratory Announcements" (LAB97-02, LAB01-26, LAB04-14, and LAB04-23).

Closed joint solicitations managed by other agencies, including those associated with the Interagency Program on Terrestrial Ecology and Global Change (TECO), are archived at NSF 95-45, NSF 96-49, and EPA-G2005-STAR-L2. The closed joint TECO solicitation managed by NASA (i.e., NRA-97-MTPE-15) is apparently not archived online.

The most recently closed solicitation for non-federal scientists focused on the following question directed at terrestrial vascular plants or animals in the United States: Do temperature increases projected by coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models for the coming 100 years have the potential to affect the abundance and/or geographic distribution of plant or animal species in the United States, and if so, to what extent? Further details of the solicitation are available in Notice 07-11. Preapplications were required and were due January 5, 2007. Formal applications were due April 10, 2007. Fifty-one (51) preapplications were received and reviewed. Twelve (12) of the preapplications were selected to be developed into full (formal) applications. Five of the formal applications were selected for funding.

The most recently closed solicitation for proposals from DOE National Laboratories was Program Announcement LAB04-23 ("Scaling across levels of biological organization in ecological systems"). Formal proposals were due October 21, 2004. Six proposals were received. Three proposals were sleceted for funding.