U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science

Program for Ecosystem Research

Data Sharing Policy

Open sharing of data among researchers (and with the interested public) is critical to advancing the program's goals. The program considers all (a) data collected using program funds, (b) results of any analysis or synthesis of information using program funds, and (c) model algorithms and codes developed with program funding to be "program data".

Specific tenets of the program's data sharing policy are:

(1) Following publication of research methods or results, a copy of underlying data and a clear description of the method(s) of data analysis must be provided to any requester in a timely way.

(2) Following publication of modeling methods or results, a copy of model code, parameter values, and/or any input dataset(s) must be provided to any requester in a timely way.

(3) Recognition of data sources, either through co-authorship or acknowledgments within publications and presentations, is required.

Funding of research projects by the program is contingent on adherence to this data sharing policy.

The program assumes that costs for sharing data are nominal and are built into each grant application or field work proposal. In cases where costs of sharing are not nominal, the burden of costs will be assumed by the requester. The DOE Program Manager should be informed whenever a requester is expected to pay for the costs of obtaining program data.

The DOE Program Manager should be contacted (a) by a program-funded scientist whenever a data request is thought to be unreasonable or (b) by a requester of program data whenever requested program data is not delivered.